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Sunday, February 5, 2023
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War in Ukraine

In Belarus McDonald’s becomes “Delicious – period”

McDonald's restaurants in Belarus will be renamed "Delicious - period" under a deal announced on Friday, five months after the US fast-food chain left...

Interview: “Religion on Fire”, Russia is ruining cultural and spiritual heritage

"Religion on Fire" is a Ukrainian project that we described few days ago in the article "Russia is destroying primarily its own Churches in...

How the anticult FECRIS tries to escape the blame

Rogatin is an interesting character. He almost uniformly introduces himself as the Ukrainian representative of FECRIS, and in fact is very “pro-Russian”. Since 2010 he wrote about the impact of “cults” and non-Orthodox religions on the contemporary Ukraine.

Religion on Fire: Russia is destroying primarily its own Churches in Ukraine

Few days ago, the Ukrainian scholarly project “Religion on Fire” launched their interim report on the damages caused to religious buildings and facilities as a result of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Bombshell: Do Russians have the right to alternative service if they refuse to fight?

For Sevastianov, there are other ways to support the country and be patriotic than to go and kill people.
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