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Facebook has a blacklist of dangerous accounts

The company was again criticized for the selection on the list Facebook has a "blacklist" of more than 4,000 people and organizations that the company has identified as dangerous. This was announced by the online...

Croats now without visas to the US, Bulgaria sharply backwards and an outsider along with only two other EU countries

Sofia deteriorated on a key criterion. As of Saturday, Croatian citizens are already traveling to the United States without visas, while Bulgaria is abruptly moving away from free travel to America. Croatia has been included...

Authorities let a tourist pick up a large diamond she found in a national park

A stunning find was made end of last year by a tourist in a US national park - the traveler found a large diamond and, what is most interesting, the local authorities allowed the...

What Kids Lose When They Don’t Read Books Like ‘Maus’

… number of book bans in the last year. The books that received … a book unless forced by a teacher, but loved ‘Maus’ books … “Maus” controversy, hundreds of books have been pulled from Texas … of books. Penguin Young Readers School and Library created a book

NASA Proposes a Way That Dark Matter’s Influence Could Be Directly Observed

This artist’s rendering shows a view of our own Milky Way Galaxy and its central bar as it might appear if viewed from above. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/R. Hurt (SSC) How Dark Matter Could Be Measured in...

Rabbi Lustig: ‘Fraternity an opportunity to heal world with acts of love’ – Vatican News

On the International Day of Human Fraternity, Rabbi M. Bruce Lustig praises the foresightedness of the Document on Human Fraternity as offering an opportunity to heal the world’s many divisions.

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New WHO platform promotes global cancer prevention 

With one in five people worldwide developing cancer during their lifetimes, prevention of the disease has become one of the most significant public health challenges of the 21st century.

Pandemic threatens push to end Female Genital Mutilation

The COVID-19 pandemic could reverse decades of global progress in stamping out female genital mutilation (FGM), UN agencies warn ahead of the International Day to eliminate the harmful practice.  Shuttered schools, lockdowns and disruption to...

Anxiety leads to diabetes and heart disease in men

U.S. researchers have found that men who are more anxious are more likely to develop heart disease and diabetes. The results of the study are published in the Journal of the American Heart Association....

A hen tried to sneak into the Pentagon

A chicken was captured while "searching the Pentagon's security zone" - one of the most heavily guarded buildings in the world, an animal protection organization said, quoted by AFP. Animal Welfare League staff in Arlington...

Christian marriage and family in an Orthodox perspective

On the eve of the International Marriage Week, which is held annually from 7 to 14 February, our editorial board offers a series of materials on the religious dimensions of the family and marriage. From...

TOON Books Acquired by Astra Books for Young Readers

… Random House Publisher Services.  Mouly started TOON Books in 2008, … gatekeepers. In 2010, TOON Books partnered with Candlewick Press, … their distribution from Diamond Book Distributors to Random House, … titles (see “TOON Books Joins Forces with Candlewick …

New Book Looks into the Value of Religious Confession

“Religious Confession and Evidential Privilege in the 21st Century” seeks to spark discussion on the preservation of the confidentiality of confession while increasing accountability, especially in the case of the vulnerable. Photo by Lawrence OP, creative commons license Published December 17, 2021, Religious Confession and Evidential Privilege in the 21st Century, edited by Mark Hill […]

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Christian leaders plea for Hong Kong to release former newspaper owner Jimmy Lai

An international coalition of Christian leaders from across Catholic and Protestant traditions has made a joint plea for the release of Hong Kong's Catholic pro-democracy supporter Jimmy Lai and other imprisoned activists as part of a Chinese New Year amnesty.

Sugarcane Juice Market Revenue to Cross USD 233.61 Mn by 2028: The Insight Partners

… Channel Regional scope- North America; Europe; Asia Pacific; Latin America; MEA … taste. The rising demand for organic food and beverages across different regions … the sugarcane juice market across Europe. Sugarcane Juice Market: Competitive Landscape …

Omicron and children: how the smallest get sick with a new strain and what to look for

Usually, children and infants get sick with COVID-19 more easily, but due to the spread of the omicron strain, minors began to get sick at a record frequency, and the number of hospitalizations also...

There are 73 thousand species of trees on Earth, but 12.5% ​​of them have not yet been discovered

There are more tree species on Earth than previously thought: a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by 100 scientists from around the world says there are 14% more tree...

On the effects of vitamin D

Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium, which improves bone strength Studies over the years have shown that vitamin D can reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and cancer. Few high-quality and controlled studies...

Wheat Protein Market worth $ 4,788.49 Million by 2028 – Exclusive Research by The Insight Partners

… Application Regional scope- North America; Europe; Asia Pacific; Latin America; MEA … bakery products. The importance of organic food items has been understood in …

Book ban efforts spread across the U.S.

… reports of book challenges, each of which can include multiple books, in … asking if a book is appropriate. Some of the books being challenged … protest against the book ban, said that removing books about LGBTQ characters …

Bahá’í World Publication: New article highlights efforts for racial justice in US | BWNS

The latest article published on The Bahá’í World website examines the American Bahá’í community’s efforts to counter racism.

Pro-Boxer Wins Same-Race Discrimination Lawsuit

… great historical value for any sport-history buff, especially those who …

New book urges Hispanic immigrants to embrace conservative principles

… a new autobiographical self-help book by author David Morales. Mr … Memoir of Perseverance” (River Grove Books) that the conservative principles of …

Handwriting betrays a person’s character

Is it true that handwriting betrays a person's character, temperament and other traits? Handwriting is a mysterious thing: many are convinced that one can be judged by the cues he writes. On the occasion of...

WHO: New guidance on treating complications due to unsafe abortion

New insights into quality of care for girls and women facing medical complications due to unsafe abortion were published on Wednesday by the UN health agency and partners.
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