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Is forced Organ Harvesting a problem for the Europeans to tackle?

There seems to be no question, that the availability of certain organs may be life-saving, especially in regions such as Europe and North America. But what happens if that organ would come from forced harvesting...

Patriarch Theophilus of Jerusalem: The vaccine is the answer to our prayers and I thank God for this life-saving technology

The Russian-language newspaper Izvestia published an interview of Sofia Devyatova with His Beatitude Patriarch Theophilus III about the threats faced by Christians in the Holy Land, their attitude to vaccination and the prospects of...

Violent disrespect of Ahmadiyya Muslim graves in District Hafizabad Pakistan

t is nauseating to let the world know that the Government and the Police force in Pakistan have descended into such humiliating acts as desecrating the graves of Ahmadi Muslims. The Government sponsored persecution of Ahmadis is rampant and the life of Ahmadis is made hell by denying them all their basic civic and human rights. The Government would not leave Ahmadis alone even after they are buried.

Sri Lanka’s import restrictions impact negative – European Union

… the Delegation of the European Union (EU) said. Issuing a statement … Netherlands and Romania, the EU said that such measures … commitment, including to the EU, to fostering reconciliation, justice … unilateral trade preferences, the EU is the second biggest …
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