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Sunday, May 28, 2023


Jan Leonid Bornstein

Jan Leonid Bornstein is investigative reporter for The European Times
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FECRIS downfall

Did anti-cult Federation FECRIS lose at once 38 member-associations, or did...

FECRIS is the European Federation of Centers for Research and Information on Sects and Cults, an umbrella organization funded by the French government, that...
Jehovah’s Witnesses mass killing in Hamburg, interview with Raffaella Di Marzio

Jehovah’s Witnesses mass killing in Hamburg, interview with Raffaella Di Marzio

On March 9, 2023, 7 Jehovah’s Witnesses and an unborn child were killed by a mass shooter during a religious service in Hamburg.
Interview: “Religion on Fire”, Russia is ruining cultural and spiritual heritage

Interview: “Religion on Fire”, Russia is ruining cultural and spiritual heritage

We have just had the opportunity to interview two academics working on the Ukrainian project "Religion on Fire"
How the anticult FECRIS tries to escape the blame

How the anticult FECRIS tries to escape the blame

FECRIS an umbrella organization funded by the French government, that gathers and coordinates “anti-cult” organizations throughout Europe and beyond
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Religion on Fire: Russia is destroying primarily its own Churches in...

Few days ago, the Ukrainian scholarly project “Religion on Fire” launched their interim report on the damages caused to religious buildings and facilities as...
Gorbachev and Kirill

Patriarch Kirill remains silent after Gorbachev’s passing

When the last President of the Soviet Union passed away a few days ago, Kirill remained silent, offering no condolences, and issuing no statement. That does not seem to be a mistake.
Leonid Sevastianov speaking

Leonid Sevastianov: The Pope is about the Gospel, not about politics

Chairman of the World Union of Old Believers Leonid Sevastianov recently said that Pope Francis intends to visit Moscow - and then Kyiv. We invited Leonid Sevastianov to comment in more detail
Alexander Dvorkin

How the French MIVILUDES compromised itself with Russian extremists

The current war in Ukraine is not the product of a one-week preparation. It has been prepared with more than a decade of propaganda, and in fact started already in 2014 with the invasion and occupation of Crimea
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Ruslan Khalikov: Russia is destroying churches and pluralism in Ukraine

Ruslan Khalikov is an expert in religious studies, a member of the Board of the Ukrainian Association of Researchers of Religion, and he works...

The War against Ukraine Is a Holy Jihad

Talgat Tadzhuddin is the one who, on the occasion of the Eid al-Adha holiday in July, said that “Nazi” Ukrainians should be killed “like parasites with pesticides”.

Russian representative of FECRIS: “Russia has always been a bone in the throat of the US, UK and their satellites”

Archpriest Alexander Novopashin, Russian correspondent member of the FECRIS (European Federation of Centres for Research and Information on Sects and Cults), recently called Ukrainian...

15 NGOs+ send letter to Secretary Blinken to throw pro-Russian anticult organization out from United Nations

On June 2, 15 NGOs plus 33 scholars and well-known activists have written to the US Secretary of State, to ask him to start...

Shinzo Abe’s assassination to be called terrorist

Shinzo Abe's assassination - Former Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was murdered because he had links with the Unification Church. The killer cited this...

Pope Francis to visit Putin: Fuss in Moscow

Kirill is activating his network behind the scene to prevent Sevastianov to succeed, which is not without risk for the latter. Kirill is a former agent of the KGB and does not back off from dirty tricks to reach his goals. Sevastianov, who in fact is a former colleague of Kirill, and worked for years as the director of the St. Gregory the Theologian's Charity Foundation, the biggest Orthodox Foundation in Moscow founded by Kirill and Metropolitan Hilarion, has recently declared that the support of the Moscow Patriarch to the war was to be considered has a heresy, from a religious point of view. That’s no shy statement by far.

Pope Francis praises the Russian head of the Old believers for his “attitude of peace”

On May 7, Russian head of the Worldwide Union of Old Believers (Old believers are Eastern Orthodox Christians who maintain the liturgical and ritual...

Anti-cult movement hunting pacifists for police in Russia: Back in the USSR

At the European Times, we have covered the long-time association between the anticult movement, the Russian Orthodox Church and the warmongers in the Kremlin....

Moscow Patriarch Kirill: War has a metaphysical significance against gay parade

On March 6, 2022, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia celebrated the Divine Liturgy at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow....

How the anti-cult movement has participated to fuel Russian anti-Ukraine rhetoric

Anti-Cults - Since the Maidan events in 2014, when then President Yakunovich was forced to resign after huge protests in the streets of Ukraine,...
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