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欧洲Feedspot 分数 The European Times News on the number 12 Top European...

Feedspot 分数 The European Times 欧洲排名第 12 的新闻网站上的新闻

The European Times 新闻旨在报道重要的新闻,以提高欧洲各地公民的意识。

Feedspot one of the few RSS readers that are still active

Feedspot has included The European Times in their famous index of Top 15 European News Websites.

To know more about FEEDSPOT, please read the following article written originally in Spanish by José A. Loya Núñez, Thursday 08 July 2021 (for original 点击这里)

Feedspot RSS readers are programs or web applications that allow us to receive from your favorite web pages or blogs articles and content that are of interest, this information is stored in one place through the titles of the publications that appear on the pages that the user has subscribed and thus can have this information in an orderly manner according to the need we have and our interest.

Some time ago when one of the main RSS readers was lost: Google Reader, one of the main and best known; it was thought that it could not be replaced, despite this, an alternative has been sought that will allow us to continue with what was done until some time ago by releasing an alternative that will allow us to work with the active RSS feeds and that are currently working properly.

feedspot european news websites Feedspot scores The European Times News on the number 12 Top European News Website
Feedspot 分数 The European Times News on the number 12 Top European News Website 2

To make use of this service, we just have to enter the official Feedspot page, where we can create a user for this service or use some of our accounts that we have in the services of: Google Plus, Facebook or Twitter for free; once we have created our account we can access the Feedspot system, where we can access and register the main blogs or pages that we visit more and thus receive news or updates from these pages.

Feedspot seems to be the typical RSS web reader to which we add sources and use to be aware of the websites we are most interested in or like. The main advantage it can offer us is its integration with other services, another option it gives us is the synchronization with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, for Android operating systems (from version 2.2).

Although it is currently still under development, it is very ideal for those people who used the Google Reader service.

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